What's your ONE WORD for this year?
Do you set a theme for every new year? Maybe you also do for each month, week or day.
I have experienced there is power in affirmations as there is in picking a theme/word.

As we kicked off this year 2021 I asked the community in https://www.facebook.com/groups/marketingandmindsetsuccess
about their word and I pulled it all together in this powerful graphic.

I decided to connect with each word on a personal level as well, so here it is:

CONSISTENCY - my primary word for this year to remind myself: start less things but work consistently on the ones you wanna succeed in
COURAGE - rely on my gut feeling and move forward with conviction
LOVE - I wanna feel and give it everyday
HAPPINESS - every day I wanna do something that makes me happy
CONFIDENCE - pairs with courage to trust myself and the outcome
BALANCE - to seek balance in all areas of my life (hint: wheel of life)
HOPE - always hope for the best without fearing a negative outcome
ENERGY - through the cornerstones of good nutrition, movement and mindfulness
LIVELINESS - consciously feel and speak life into everything that is important to me
FOCUS - on my goals and dreams and my daily actions
EXCITEMENT - about every little win and future outcomes
CENTERED - strength from within
INTUTION - reflect on decisions involving the heart and belly
MIRACLES - can happen and will happen
PEACE - peace of mind and peace all around us
AFFECTION - connect more with others
ABUNDANCE - once I create it inside and feel it, it will happen on the outside as well

I hope I can inspire you to reflect on your own theme this year or decide on a set of strong words for yourself and their meaning.

Here's to a happy, abundant 2021!

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