The #1 Mistake on Your Vision Board
I literally just these days discovered the one BIG mistake I've made all the time!
Have you read my post on Dreaming is NOT Goal Setting?
Go back and review it and set aside some time to dream your dreams and work on your goals.
The first profound step is: Feel your Dream. Indulge in the emotion your dreams, your dream life evoke. Dreams are highly emotional, if they aren’t they are not your dreams.
Next: You are probably familiar with manifestation and the law of attraction.
 What you think, you attract. Your thoughts have power. Backed up with emotions they are responsible for what happens in your life.
Manifesting means bringing things into your life through belief and attraction. 
You can use one of these methods or a combination of: meditation, writing, visualizing, vision board, prayers, affirmations.
Be as specific as possible.
That’s why the goalsetting exercise is so important. You don’t want to send out vague or mixed messages. You may confuse the Universe ;-) 
So here’s the #1 mistake I made up until now:

I am a huge fan of vision boards. Mine is a big white board that I fill with pictures of myself, my loved ones, photos from magazines and the internet, quotes and headlines.
It’s my dream board. And I keep adding to it. I carry it with me as a picture on my phone and I try to at least glimpse at it every day, ideally indulge in it for some time.
So this is common sense, right? We are putting our dreams on a wall and visualize them as often as possible.
 BUT – here’s what I have just learned: 
Does it motivate us? Or do we only see what’s far away and probably not achievable from our status quo?
Based on science we need to not only visualize our dream but visualize and focus on the steps that will take us there, so the goals and action points and milestones.

Because at the end, our dreams do not come true because we visualize them every day for an hour, but because we take action towards them and do the work.

So we need to visualize those steps and train our brain to develop a bias towards them. 
So here’s an example. I take you back to my dream regarding my health & fitness level.
 Dream: I want to feel vibrant and energetic and achieve my best level of fitness.
  Goals: move my body everyday. 2 yoga classes a week. Healthy food high on fibres and nutrients at least 5 days a week. Daily meditation…
So instead of only pinning visuals of a smiling, radiant yogini in Lulu Lemons size 4 and me standing on top of a mountain in Nepal (because I dream of going back to the Himalaya and trek) I need to put pictures and write down what will take me there: sweating while doing planks, my not so favorite yoga asanas on the mat, my Hot Iron training lifting weights, fruits and vegetable recipes, woman juicing green smoothies…and so on.

 I think you get the idea right?
Our daily and weekly to-do’s need to be right in front of us to train our brain not to refuse the things we need to tackle. 
Learning this for me was an A-HA moment resulting in a new vision board I am working on right now. And while writing and collecting my to-do’s, micro goals, habits and mini-milestones I feel even more connected to the dream.
I am curious about your methods of goalsetting and manifesting. Let me know how it goes!

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