Why Dreaming is not Goal-Setting
What dreams do you have? And do you want to know how to achieve those dreams of yours?
Before we wanna dive into the huge topic of dreams and goals, have you reviewed and released the past year?
It is always a good idea to get grounded and present and clear on where you stand and what you have achieved (or missed) in the last period before stepping into a new one.
If you wanna figure out the way from A to B, you need to know where A is with the same importance as your destination, right?
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There is soooo much content on the topic of goal setting on the web. Countless videos and blog posts. And maybe you are like me and you've done and tried a lot.
So here’s what you do:
1. Get clear on the difference between your DREAMS and your GOALS:

Dreams are BIG. A dream makes you smile, makes you feel the emotion. A dream does not really have an expiration date. A dream is always yours. Every person has different dreams. Make it as big as possible, that’s why it’s called dreaming.

Do you want to travel around the world, do you want to have a beach house in the Bahamas, do you want to become a public speaker and be on stage in front of thousands of people? Do you want to run the New York marathon?
Goals are the many, many steps that lead you towards your dreams. Goals always require some kind of action. (Dreams don’t, they just sit there in your mind, in your heart). Goals must be small, achievable, realistic, measurable with an expiration date – you’ve heard the S.M.A.R.T. model.
 So goals are all the things you need to do to move towards your dreams. These are the small daily habits you need to adapt, the milestones you need to reach. And goals require us to do the work and things that very often do not make us smile. But they are essential.
2. IDENTIFY the dreams and goals in different areas of your life
Pick your main or preferred areas where you have dreams you want to turn into reality.
 Areas of life are: work (job, business), health, love, family, money, fun, spirituality (if it applies to you) – google for “wheel of life”
 Then take time to dream and write it down. Even better if you start making a vision board.
That’s probably the easy exercise, the fun one. Then dive deep and identify the goals towards your dreams. What is it that you need to do and work on?

 I give you some personal examples.
 Dream: I want to feel vibrant and energetic and achieve my best level of fitness.
 Goals: move my body everyday. 2 yoga classes a week. Healthy food high on fibres and nutrients at least 5 days a week. Daily meditation…
Dream: Work from Anywhere and lead a laptop lifestyle 
Some of the goals: networking, make client calls, develop and teach classes, create a content strategy for social media….
Then of course goals must be broken down to specific milestones, action steps and daily to-do’s.
 Yessss, that’s the hardest part I know.
So let’s take a deep breath and turn to our dreams first – dream, indulge, visualize them, write them down, select pictures and headlines, put them on a board 
I hope I could give you some value and insight into Dreaming and Goal-Setting.
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