Why the Wellness Industry is a Gateway to Entrepreneurship
Time is the most precious thing we have in our lives. And what we choose to do with it is important.
Do you suffer and go through the “time flies” syndrome like me once in a while? 

It never stops to amaze me how fast a day, a week, a month…yes, even a year travels by if we are not careful enough to make it count, for us and for those around us.

One of the great mysteries of life is that we do not know how many years, weeks, hours and minutes we have available. So shouldn’t we make it count.

Ask my young self and it would have never thought of taking that crossing. And here I am, in the middle of the wellness game – for myself and my own wellbeing and to help others.

Yes, like for many of us, using natural products, making conscious choices of the products we buy and use seemed a no-brainer, but at the same time I found myself using products without label checking, without second-guessing about the health implications of a toothpaste, a body lotion, a mascara, a scented candle. I just took it for granted that whatever products find their way into the shelves of drugstores and pharmacies are supposed to be “good”. Once you become aware of the long-term effects some ingredients you ingest, inhale and put on your skin on a daily basis may have, you get nervous in shop isles full of chemically-loaded consumer goods. Yuck.

Guess what, I used to work for brands in the mass cosmetics market. I used to market and advertise those things that I now despise. It was a different time and I had no idea, I was unaware, uninformed and maybe somewhat naïve.

My own journey into holistic wellness has not started until my thirties when I actively started seeking out alternatives. From digestive issues, acidification, allergic reactions to fatigue and emotional topics, a more conscious choice in all areas of my life made me tackle all of the above and so much more. And what has been in a first step out of curiosity quickly became a conscious choice for health upgrade. That’s why I got into essential oils. First as a consumer, now as an ambassador.

The global wellness industry is huge and comes in many forms. It is one of the largest and fastest growing markets all over the world. The new awareness about healthy living and physical as well as emotional thriving has reached our society and is not going to go away, no the contrary - it gets more and more important to us as individuals.

Holistic wellness is all about the body-mind-spirit connection and a multi-faceted approach to better living. It’s not about band aids and fighting syndroms. It is the search for alternatives to traditional medicine, and accompanying measures we can all take in our daily lives, the biggest part of it is prevention: 

supporting our health on an ongoing basis with an understanding of how our body system works. 
This is not exclusive to health professionals, this should be the fundamental understanding of us all, to understand and know how my own body functions…and as a consequence what is beneficial and what is harmful. From the food we put into our bodies to sports and excercise to getting enough rest and sleep - these are things that are in our control. And they make a difference.

For me it is a responsibility, that we have to take our health in our own hands and with plant power we can support ourselves in incredible ways.

Entering the wellness industry with a company that not only has been around for a long time, a proven track record for highest quality and standards, for sustainability and the purpose to support health at its core, is a totally different story for me.

I have the opportunity to give others the information and “tools” to support health and wellbeing.

Remember the time story?

For me it’s about giving more meaning to my days, my relationships, my health and my work.

I get to inspire and teach others about wellness and natural alternatives while experiencing their benefits myself.

My vehicle for my wellness and people passion is Young Living. It can be yours, too. Or you are already on your own wellness biz journey. It’s a rainbow world and we do not all travel the same roads. But let’s travel in the same direction.

How do you want to help others and make an impact?

Have you already found purpose and fulfillment in your daily work?

I help driven, heart-centered people like you with their marketing and mindest endeavors while creating the Good Life everyone deserves and desires.

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