Make it a priority: to be healthy, fit and to feel good. 
Every day. All year long. Ideally for the rest of your life.

Never Take it for Granted

As a child and growing up I was blessed with a rather robust health and immune system. Looking back I definitely thank my parents for my upbringing. Growing up in the countryside of one of the world’s most beautiful and natural countries – Austria, on a farm surrounded by nature, animals and mountains. Fresh food on the table every day, most of it home-grown. A real blessing and not taken for granted.

Moving on into my study, work and travel life and spending more and more time in the city and many times a stressful busy lifestyle of a career girl that wants to conquer the world, health was not always on the forefront of my priorities and thoughts. Only when I started experiencing issues I was giving it some extra thoughts…and eventually lifestyle changes.

My own journey into the more conscious and holistic lifestyle began in the year 2012 when a very spontaneous and intuitive decision took me to book an Ayurvedic experience in Sri Lanka at the end of a year full of stressful work, business travels and not at all looking out for my health and fitness. 
I was 38 that time and I had the nagging feeling that my priorities should shift and more focus needs to be put on my body and wellbeing.

Health Empowerment

This was probably the starting point for my search for alternative health solutions to upgrade my physical and emotional wellbeing overall. I was learning how to integrate more holistic habits and healthy products into my life, I increased my yoga practice, started meditating on a regular basis and made a promise to myself: to better take care of myself. This not only meant to integrate new healthy products and habits, but it certainly meant cutting back on less healthy ones.

 Over the years I learned a lot about nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the power of herbs and plants, how to calm and feed my mind, my emotions and how to listen to my body and what it needs. The desire to rest, retreat and quiet time has become as important as my urge for action, excitement and social life.

The Oily Story

A couple of years later I discovered another important pillar of my today's lifestyle: 
essential oils. I was buying and using essential oils on a random basis, but mostly for aromatic uses only to make my home smell nice. It was not until 2016 that I started using and exploring their benefits on a regular basis….and boom, I was so intrigued once more about plant power and how we can all support our wellbeing with it – we just need to know about it! I totally get it, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but have you tried the real staff? The 100% pure drops?
Whatever you do to upgrade your wellbeing and health – good sleep, less stress, sports, fresh food, supplements, meditation, mindfulness – make sure you make it a priority. Because if we don’t – everything else in life is just fluff that eventually doesn’t count.
Maybe you have landed on this page to read my story, maybe it is an inspiration to step into your own holistic health journey and take more good care of your body, and maybe it is to “try these oils she’s is making so much noise about”… THEN READ ON.

I love to see you thriving and leading a Good Life!

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