I always felt the desire to combine my many passions 
and find the best way to be of service to others while creating a Good Life.

    Midlife Career Change

Have you ever wondered there must be MORE?…that there’s something missing, something else out there waiting for you?
That was me a couple of years ago while I sat at my office desk in a large company. As an outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good: great job, fabulous career, the perfect relationship, lots of friends, the freedom to travel wherever I wanted...just not as often as I wanted. But inside of me I felt a void and I had the nagging feeling of not given enough meaning to my life, enough attention to bigger dreams. But it is uncomfortable to dig deeper, to question things that from the outside look pretty damn good.

Today, I support solopreneurs and business owners in their marketing and branding endeavors and help people like YOU build their "good life" business. 
My passion for many things has led to creating different areas of work and income streams but always having one goal: helping others to thrive and succeed.

Read on for my full story.

Time is the most precious.

It may be a common idea or a myth that women around forty start giving more thoughts to their life, where they ended up so far and what’s more to do. In 2017 I was going through some major personal struggles, one of them losing a very close friend, a soulmate, to a sudden death. It was heartbreaking and eye-opening at the same time. I always considered myself being someone that lives in the moment and eager to fulfill my dreams NOW, not “some time”…but nevertheless I felt a big reality bite. I felt physically and emotionally drained. This pushed me to review my status quo.

That year I made a promise to myself: to find a way to live life to the fullest.
I wanted to give more time to everything that really matters - my health, the people in my life, my ever-present travel bug, my dreams.

From Corporate Girl to Building a Business

So I was way into my “fabulous forties” when I “took the leap”. In 2018 I retired my marketing job and started my entrepreneurial journey.

During my high powered corporate days I launched major brands, products and campaigns and flexing my marketing and management muscles for decades was fun and most of the times rewarding. The shift into “being my own boss” was anything but “high powered.” I was plagued by second-guessing, a loss of status and the so-called shiny network… long hours spent in front of the screen without the cash flow to justify it. In the beginning I was jumping from one course to another, one webinar to another...at the end it always comes down to ACTION. I decided to embrace the "learn as you go" mentality.

There's this saying "Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end." I am living proof.
I am totally honest, being in the corporate world for 20 years, managing and leading big and small teams across countries, launching and marketing new projects on a weekly basis and spending countless hours in meetings does not necessarily qualify you for the entrepreneurial life when it’s all about YOUR OWN business, YOUR decisions, YOUR schedule, YOUR money.

It took me about a year to really get the hang of HOW to make this new FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE work for me. But I finally found my strategy and got commited to making it work.

A new Awareness

I’ve always enjoyed working, but finding something that truly INSPIRES you, increases your commitment and perseverance. I love on PEOPLE, I love MARKETING, and I strongly believe our HEALTH and WELLBEING is the most precious asset we have and need to nourish and cultivate. Once you go beyond your wild twenties, your thriving thirties into the fabulous forties (did I mention I really like that term?), it becomes even more paramount.

How much time and thought do you dedicate to your health and wellbeing?
I made it a habit to consciously chose high quality food that nourishes my body, chemical-free products for my home and my body, and plant-based solutions to support an strengthen my overall wellbeing. I became much more spiritually-minded and meditation and yoga are part of my daily regimen of selfcare. Small but significant changes can upgrade our wellbeing, ONE STEP at the time.

People, Marketing and Holistic Wellness

I love to help others in their journey, build their own individual "Good Life"business, and inspire many more to take a first step. People, Marketing and Holistic Wellness have become the cornerstones of my new journey.

If you are at a stepping point and undergoing the same changes as I did and still do, I would love to inspire you to connect more to the opportunities of living life to the fullest - whether it is through 
marketing coaching and mentoring for your own heart business or through a holistic wellness approach at home and in your day-to-day life. 

I am on a journey of creating a meaningful and inspiring life. It has only just begun and I look forward to sharing that journey with you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and read. Time is the most precious of all goods. I am grateful we’re connected.

With love and a big smile,

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