Get clear on your Strategy. Communicate right. 
Build your Brand. 
Chose to have fun. 

Start Smart

Figuring out how to do marketing on your own can be pretty overwhelming. 
Don’t fall for the “need to know it all” trap before you start. Just learn as you go.

Your marketing workflow should be aligned with your strengths and directly related to your business goals. 

Are you looking for expert help and guidance through the marketing jungle?
Do you need someone to review past activities and discuss your ideas?
Do you want to discuss new ways for your business and marketing activities? 

What do you need help with?

 Ways Marketing Mentoring Can Support You

With the right advice, guidance and accountability partner, you can create a strong foundation for your business. I’ll help you navigate through "all things marketing"  and step-by-step implement strategies and techniques to build the successful business you want.

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing workflow should be aligned with your strengths and directly related to your business goals. 
Yes, there are many, but prioritize and streamline. The same goes for your marketing activities. No-one can do it all at the same time, be everywhere, omnipresent.
Together we work on your marketing strategy and plan, offline and online to meet your business goal

Website review and guidance

Your Website is your internet home and business card. You invested time, money and sweat. Having a pretty online presence is not the main objective here. Your website must attract and convert and help you meet your business goals.
We review your existing site and work on improvements.

 If you are starting from scratch, building it on your own or with a webdesigner,  I guide you through that journey, assist as a “translator” and work alongside the implementation team.

Marketing Unstuck

Are you stuck in your marketing efforts? Has a new challenge come up? Let’s discuss it together and clear the air. Whether you need quick help (emergency calls) or project based coaching over a period of time, there is always a way out and a next step to take.

Your Social Brand

What is your tone of voice? How are you connecting with your preferred audience and target group? Together we will work on your “social brand” which basically means we take brand building and brand management into the Personal Branding realm.
Many solopreneurs, especially those that provide services and non-tangible goods are their own brand. But even when you are a product based business you bring your brand alive with background and personal stories weaving in your personality into your marketing acitivities and herewith connecting with the audience on a more meaningful way. 

The personal branding evolves around you. You are your brand.

Social Presence

We identify together where on Social Media (channels) you focus your time and attention, whether you are starting brand-new or wanting to improve your existing presence.

Content Planning & Scheduling

This is probably one of the biggest challenges everyone faces. Producing content that works and that keeps the audience engaged.

The web is full of free social media content planning tools and ideas. It’s a start.
 But we look closer into it and work on a plan that really ups your game while not making you feel you spend half of your work week on social media.

Ready to Take Action?

As part of working together we may

Analyze successes and weaknesses
Develop strategies on how to build your brand (offline and online)
Conduct a website review or initiate a new website
Conduct a social media and content audit
Put together a marketing plan for your products or services
Create a launch campaign for your new baby
Put together a new or revised content plan
Review your lead magnets, marketing funnels and identify new options and improvements
Connect you with resources and experts - webdesign, SEO, campaigns, marketing outsourcing, networking, PR and other helping hands for your success
and most importantly: we will make sure to get you unstuck, 
increase your marketing knowledge and confidence to help you build your dream business.

Up Your Marketing Confidence

During our personal 1-on-1 Mentoring the time is yours to be used however you want it.

My goal is to provide you with guidance, knowledge and resources to up your marketing game and confidence.
While I love to get to the nitty gritty and can give some “tough love”, I will always be your biggest cheerleader and enthusiastic mentor to not only work with you on your strategies and tasks but constantly thriving to make you independent and skill-full.

About Your Mentor

Marketing has always been my preferred topic.
During my corporate career in marketing and international management positions, I gained a vast amount of knowledge and insights in almost all fields of marketing - brand management, product development, communications & PR, online marketing, webdesign and social media. Knowledge and skills I want to pass on to you.
I made the decision to quit my corporate career in marketing and executive positions to pursue a lifestyle that is more in line with my values and passions. And to help others moving and working towards their preferred way of living a Good Life and building a business of their own – either part-time as a side gig or all-in.
I have worked with many successful companies and brands including household names such as Axe, Rexona, Dove, Wonderbra, Playtex, nurdie, DIM, Frey Wille, leading print and online magazines as well as smaller specialty brands thriving in their niche markets. Prior to my own journey into entrepreneurship, I was Head of Marketing & Business Development for WOMAN, Austrias leading women’s magazine brand.
Now I help solopreneurs, business owners or soon-to-be entrepreneurs with their marketing endeavors.


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