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Hi I'm Maria and I believe all people should be empowered with the knowledge, tools, and support to live their happiest, most abundant lives.

I am  inspired and in awe what life has in store for us, once we take the leap and work with and towards our dreams and goals.

Here's what you get when working with me:
Over 20 years of marketing, communications and business development experience paired with curiosity and passion to help you build the business that  provides you with the freedom and the "Good Life" you desire. 

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Head over to my free Facebook community for multi-passionaters that want to start and build their heart businesses and tap into a good life by design. You'll find lots of inspiration on personal development, marketing guidance and power tips.

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Every week, I share a new marketing tip, mindset training, or a bit of inspiration to help new or soon-to-be biz owners find support & short-cuts as well as personal growth inspiration for their journey - always packed with a personal dose of salt.

Wellness Upgrade

Your body is your home. Our longterm health and wellbeing depend on small daily steps and habit changes. I can be how you start your morning every day, how you nourish and support your health, the products you use and don't use.

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